I can tell you a lot, but experiences tell you most.

Here is what my clients say…

(*for privacy reasons not all names & pictures are real) 

“I was exhausted. Eventhough I thought I had recovered well from my burnout 3 years before. There I was again. I felt SO weak. I didn’t want to admit it. But you saw me. And teached me to see myself again too. To stop judging. But look through the eyes of Love. Because that is what you did. Do. You helped me to find myself back again, in the midst of chaos!”

Susanna, CEO Corporate Talent Management Organisation, Breda

Right after our conversation I felt very good when I was in the situation we’d worked on. I was much more joyful and happy then I have been for a long time! There was light again and I feel I have a clear vision again, so awesome!! I don’t know what you did, but it feels great! Thanks!!!

Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn - CEO Forest Wise - Sintang, Borneo, Indonesia

Today I was reflecting on 2019 and I wanted to let you know how super grateful I am for the role you’ve played in it for me. I can connect to myself so much more, my heart, my innate feminine power and truts in the wisdom and magic of life and the universe. More open, lighter, more love. This is so big 💚. Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙏🏻✨

    Els Hoebee - Amsterdam

    I was welcomed with so much love in your healing energy. To be allowed to totally Be, in full peace and stillness. Where I felt the space and safety to be vulnerable. Through you I saw my grief and longing for my biological mother. As if you were channeling me, with a tear and a smile. I felt heard and seen. Very confronting and healing. A lonely and long sickbed made me lose my trust  in my body and just right now, more than ever, I choose for life. All my beliefs I’ve had to reconsider, or even let go, a huge transformation. You are a clear channel and gave words to what was energteicallig happening in my system. I honor your integrity and emptahic ability and am depply impressed by your gifts. The energetic treatment at the end of the sessopn was like an infusion of love and light. You gave me wings and a fertile ground to stand on. A gift full of precious insights and sensations which I will carry with me for ever. You are an angel.” 

    Aico Dinkla - Artist & Yogi - Amsterdam

    “To learn more to live from my feminine essence, discover feminine leadership, move from a place of gentleness, trusting my intuition, honouring my own boundaries, my own rhythm, follow my own compass. Within a ‘corporate context’.

    Moving through the fears and blocks that were keeping me. On different levels: limiting beliefs, emotions, energetic, spiritual, physical. I’ve found a power and lightness in myself I didn’t know I had in me. Wow! I am living so much more free and lighter now. And there is so much Magic to be found all around me…!”

    E – Partner Corporate Talent Management & Recruitment Organisation – Amsterdam

    “Quirine is always willing to give me subtitles for what’s happening in my life or a session!”


    “After a session with Quirine it felt as if the windows of my Soul were cleaned and I could see everything clear and light again, without any noise or other blockages. All had fallen into place and I felt peaceful. It exceeded by far my expectations!!”


    Claartje van Tooren – senior complex psychosocial therapy practitioner – Amsterdam


    “The impact of the sessions with Quirine are deep and essential. Not just on a physical level I feel better, but also have much more space on an emotional level.

    Quirine combines all of her professional knowledge and skills (massage, psychology) with her unique spiritual gifts. She works with the physical level and adresses what else she feels apart from the muscle tension. This gives the beautiful opportunity for old long forgotten blockages to clear out after all, and result in a more vibrant and powerful feeling. Thanks to the regular sessions with Quirine, I feel in flow more often and longer and it enables me to better do my work as executive coach. I also refer my (executive) clients to her on a regular basis because she can easily connect with them on their level of thinking and working.”

    Paul Zonneveld - Executive Coach - Amsterdam

    “I live much more in touch with myself and the bigger field of life and my purpose. For me you are an angel, a guide, taking me by the hand directing me to 5D consciousness. Which is about trust, love, oneness, abundance and for sure feminine magic and power!

    X, partner corporate recruitment organisation

    To Be who You came here to Be

    To Do what You came here to Do

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