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BurnOut ?

1 out of 7 professionals struggle with Burnout symptoms. Not to mention Anxiety or Depression.

This means we’re using our Personal Energy Management System in an Unsustainable way.

Time to find Your Way.

Purpose, Calling & Inner Compass

Our Soul communicates through our Feeling Body. Emotions, physical, hunches. This is our Inner Compass. If we don’t feel, how can we connect to our Calling? Get a sense of direction?

It’s time to learn the Art of Feeling

Feminine & Masculine Ways

 We all have Masculine & Feminine Essence Qualities in us. But we live in a mainly Masculine Quality oriented world. Hence the disbalance we see all around us. Inside ourselves and outside. 

Time to integrate Feminine Essence Qualities in a Masculine oriented World. And experience a the magic in this balance. For you, and the world at large. 

Do you feel ExhaustedStuck? Lost? Burnout?

But you long so much for a feeling of Joy, Flow & a sense of being

on Purpose..?

exhausted woman in bed

It’s Time to Pause.


To Your Soul.

burnout woman

… & Reconnect to Your Inner Compass 

To Be who You came here to Be

To Do what You came here to Do


Let’s get you Un-stuck    &   Your Life Energy Flowing again

Contact Release

Contact Release is how I’ve come to call the way I work, born out of 20 years of exprience, deep diving, learning and remembering our abilities to heal, flow and reconnect to our Life Force.  (Read more about How)

 Are you Stuck

You’re not just a thinking head or a working body. Your whole system of feeling, sensing, knowing, yearning, resisting. aiching and confusing is talking to you. But do you know how to listen?

I know How you Feel

Through living the professional corporate business life, burning out, boring out, divorcing, losing & becoming a mother, as a highly sensitive, extraverted female human being, life has given me a rollercoaster of life lessons, opportunities and experiences inviting me to dive deep and promise myself to never neglect my inner callings, intuitive knowing and natural abilities to heal and thrive ever again!

And so do my clients

Let me help you to do the same.

It’s time.

Let’s get you Un-stuck    &   Your Life Energy Flowing again

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Toolbox & Expertise 


Psychology, drs, Msc.

Silva Mind Control

Conscious Therapist

Feminine Power Transformational Coach & Facilitator

High Sensitivity, High Sensation Seeking (HSP-HSS)


Medical School, undergrad

Transformational Massage Therapist

Transformational Yoga Teacher

Amanae, Physical Emotional Trauma Work


Energetic & Soul Reading

Energetic Clearing

Rigpa Energetic Healing 

Dharma Shamanic Healing

Life Experience



HSP- HSS (Highly Sensitive, High Sensation Seeking)

Becoming, Being & Losing a Mother

Carreer change

“I was exhausted. Even though I thought I had recovered well from my burnout 3 years before. There I was again. I felt SO weak, but didn’t want to admit it. And you saw me. And teached me to see myself again too. Teached me to stop judging and instea look through the eyes of Love. Because that is what you did. Do. You helped me to find myself back again, in the midst of all the chaos!”Susanna, CEO Consultancy Firm, Breda

“After a session with Quirine it felt as if the windows of my Soul were cleaned and I could see everything clear and light again, without any noise or other blockages. All had fallen into place and I felt peaceful. It exceeded by far my expectations!!”

Claartje, senior complex psychosocial therapy practitioner, Amsterdam

“I live much more in touch with myself and the bigger field of life and my purpose. For me you are an angel, a guide, taking me by the hand directing me to 5D consciousness. Which is about trust, love, oneness, abundance and for sure feminine magic and power!”Els, partner recruitment & talent management organisation, Amsterdam


Because we need You!

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Quirine Vosmaer

To Feel, To Heal, To Allow

To Bring All that You are to the Stage

All You came Here to Be

Your Shadow & Your Light

To Understand, To Use & To Be

For You & For the Better Good of All…

Love to Meet You

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To Be who you came here to Be

To Do what you came here to Do