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Sometimes you’re looking for some help, somebody to look at what’s up for you alongside with you, to give you exactly what you need, at exactly the right time, even though you yourself might not have a clue what that could be.

If that’s you, you’re in the right place here. I’ve been where you’re at. That’s why I’ve been traveling around all kinds of modalities to be able to integrate expertise on all aspects of our being.

Let me..

  • Listen to the Words you’re saying and the Thoughts you’re thinking,
  • Read & Touch your Energetic field,
  • Connect & Sense  your Souls perspective,
  • Sense & Allow  your Feelings,
  • Touch & Work with your Body,

..and walk with You.

Let us connect to, and Release whatever is holding you back. Consciously or Unconsciously. In whatever way it presents itself. Because sometimes we need an extra pair of Senses and some extra Heartspace to be able to reconnect to our Inner Compass, Purpose and Joy again.


Thank God we have the internet. And thank God a lot of the work I do is just as effective remote as when being in the same room. I work a lot with the energies between and around us, and they are not effected by distance. I know, insane right?! But really. To much to explain here to you, but you can always give it a go and try for yourself.

Of course I won’t be able to touch you physically through a screen (yet), so that would be an aspect to come to me in person for. (And please do so, nothing beats a physical touch!) But if you’re far away, or this Corona era doesn’t allow you, please try a remote session. You might be surprised!

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“Quirine is always willing to give me subtitles for what’s happening in my life or a session! That SO calms my mind!”


Contact Release Method

Contact Release refers to the Essence of all Healing: Whatever you make Contact with will Release. If you let it.

In my 20 years of experience in the field of personal growth, transformation & healing  I’ve explored endless modalities, practices and expertises

And made a lot of them my own.

In working with my clients, I’ve come to integrate the best of these practices, the commonalities, and where they complement eachother.

Into what I’ve come to call “Contact Release”.

Integrating Mind, Body, Energy, Emotions, Circumstances, Heart and Soul.

‘Suffering arises

from conflict..

Conflict arises

from resisting what is..

By giving up resistance

conflict will disappear,

and peace & flow will return…’

what will a session look like

What a session will look like depends on what we sense your system is asking for at the very moment. Sometimes we might adress what’s up through talking, sometimes emotional coaching, sometimes I will ask you to lay down on the massage table. You might get a gentle, or a deep physical massage,  an energetic healing, or a Soul reading. We’ll listen to your system, because it knows best what it is you need.

My intuitive skills allow me to feel what you feel, and hear what your subconscious is yearning to show you.

Together we will allow your system to express itself, release what is no longer needed, understand what it is telling you, and reconnect you to your Life Energy  & your Inner Compass.

Depending on what you come to adress we’ll decide on the amount of sessions.

Massage Lady

Practical information

Can I Try

Have we never worked together? Please book an introduction session! Looking forward to meet you!

After that, you can book a single session every now and then. Whenever it suits you.


* If you feel it’s time this coming period to give yourself the frequent  committed attention you deserve?

* You’re ready to make a deep-dive  in that part that keeps you stuck, to get into flow again?

* You’re just really ready to invite a deeper connection to what you’re here for?

Book a package of sessions!

To be sure we can really walk together on your subject the coming time. Claiming you spots & of course it get’s you a better price too!

*Please mention in your booking wether you want an online session or in person.

When we meet in person the address is:

Praktijk Stilte in de Storm

Stuurmankade 200

1019 WC Amsterdam, NL


Introduction Session €150,-/180,-*
1 Single Session €210/ €240,-*
3 Session Package €590/ €680,-*
6 Session Package €1080/ €1260,-*





The duration of a session is 2 hours.

Prices are excl. tax for entrepreneurs and companies. You can submit this work as ‘coaching’,

You can pay by cash, tikkie (NL) or bank.

*New prices starting April 1st 2023.

** Urgency Session 1: To be held within 3 days of the request, €150,- /hour.

***Urgency Session 2: To be held within 24hours, if availability allows, €200,-/hour.

NEW! Get an extra deep and long full body treat on top of your session in a Double Retreat Session: 380,- (or use 2 sessions from your multiple session package)


Are your working for a corporate? Often times there is a budget for coaching and personal development. Click on this link to find a special page with information for corporates.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation up until 72 hours before a session is free of charge.

Cancellation up until 24 hours before a session 50% will be charged.

Cancellation less than 24 hours before the start of a session or no-show 100% will be charged.

*Of course in these times Corona regulations apply. We agree to update each other on any Corona related symptoms and if necessary postpone our session.


Any questions or wanna get in touch first? Please send me a message! 


Stuurmankade 200

1019 WC Amsterdam

The Netherlands




+00 31 6 26140987


BTW ID: NL 001639879B03

KVK: 61721573


To Be who You came here to Be

To Do what You came here to Do

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