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1 out of 7 professionals struggle with Burnout symptoms. Not to mention Anxiety or Depression.

This means we’re using our Personal Energy Management System in an Unsustainable way.

Time to find Your Way.


Personal Energy Management System

Our mental, emotional and bodily system is able to work together in a sustainable way. Harvesting and using our life energy in a way that makes us thrive and happily contribute.

If only we knew how to listen, navigate and manage it!

Sustainable or Unsustainable?

Quirine Vosmaer is specialized in helping to activate your Personal Sustainable Energy Management Systems by reconnecting to your:

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Feminine Essence Qualities

We all have feminine and masculine qualities in us. Wether you’re a man or a woman. Our professional western world however is mainly masculine quality oriented. Therefor we see disbalans in our outer and our inner world. Learn what qualities you carry but are not using to its full potential to balance your self and your surroundings in what you’re here to bring. For the better good of you & All. 

Inner Compass

Everybody has a different blueprint of preferences and qualities. A lot of us though lose touch with these inner drivers. Our bodily system, our emotional system and our mental system are often times giving confusing signals. If we are able to hear the signals in the first place. And when we don’t know how to listen to these signals, we end up doing things in a place and a way that is not rejuvenating, nourishing or giving enough back to us to have our integral system be managed in a sustainable way. We end up not being able to contribute in a way and place that we came here for. Time to find Your Way!  

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Purpose & Calling

We can have all the luxury and comfort in the world, but if we lack a sense of purpose or calling, we will keep a feeling of emptiness. Learn the art of reconnecting to your Inner Compass and your sense of Calling and Purpose. To Be who you came here to Be, and to Do what you came here to Do. 

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Inner Child

We all carry trauma’s from our childhood. Wether they’re big or small. And wether we experienced them for ourselves, or unconsciously took them over from our parents, lineage or collective we’re part of. Trauma’s create survival mechanisms. Later in life showing up as unconscious programmings. Addressing and healing the root of these programmings enable new, more natural and life-giving ways of being and acting, and unleashing blocked energy and potentials. 

Bodily Signals

Although our bodily system is constantly giving us signals, most of us stay unaware to them till it’s too late. Too late shows up in the form of physical or mental illnesses, but also in ending up in situations or places we don’t wish for ourselves. Our bodily system is an essential part of our Inner Compass. Only by becoming more mindful and aware of these signals and how to read and listen to them will we be able to navigate in a way that sustains our health and wellbeing.  

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Limiting Beliefs

Unconscious believes are what make us move and act. A lot of them are functional. But most of us also carry a lot of disfunctional beliefs. Believes that ones seemed true about ourselves or the world around us. But later in life turn out to be limiting our own health and wellbeing. Changing these limiting believes is not just a cognitive approach, but the deeper they’re rooted, the deeper they need healing on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

To Be who you came here to Be

To Do what you came here to Do

Ready to have your Life Energy flowing again?

To feel energised and joyful in your contributions?

In your work and life?

To feel clear and On Purpose? 

Because you are contributing in a way that is sustainable, satisfying,

rejuvenating and joyfull for you and you environment?

Come have a chat!

Working with Quirine Vosmaer

Introduction session: €200,-

Single sessions*: €280,-

3 Sessions Package*: €720,-

6 Sessions Package*: €1440,-

12 Sessions Package*: €2750,- 

* These packages and prices are created for companies and excl. BTW (tax) 

For private customers click here.

About Quirine Vosmaer

(1977) Living in Amsterdam. Works integral: Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy. With your Internal World and your External World. Personal & Circumstantial.

After working for years in a big firm for Business Psychology, she started her own practice in 2014. What she always had felt was missing in the traditional western psychology, she now happily and effectively integrates  by working with the body, mind, soul and energy. To read more on her extensive expertise and professional background see below.

She works in English as well as Dutch. In physical presence as well as online.

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Toolbox & Expertise 


Psychology, drs, Msc.

Silva Mind Control

Conscious Therapist

Feminine Power Transformational Coach & Facilitator

High Sensitivity, High Sensation Seeking (HSP-HSS)



Medical School, undergrad

Transformational Massage Therapist

Transformational Yoga Teacher

Amanae, Physical Emotional Trauma Work


Energetic & Soul Reading

Energetic Clearing

Rigpa Energetic Healing 

Dharma Shamanic Healing


Life Experienc



HSP- HSS (Highly Sensitive, High Sensation Seeking)

Losing, Becoming & Being a Mother

Carreer change


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To Be who You came here to Be

To Do what You came here to Do

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