How can I help You?


You  feel  Exhausted,  Stuck  or  Lost ?


You  Long  for  Joy  and  Flow  in  your  Life,

&  having  a  sense  of  Being  on  Purpose ?

You Got Stuck Somewhere in your Life.

It probably doesn’t stand on its own

It probably comes with stuckness in multiple area’s you  might not even think are connected. But are essential to get to the root of what really holds you stuck.

Because it’s all One ‘Systsem’. Being You.

In Contact Release we take a look at not just one aspect, but your whole System.

Because you are not just your Mind-Fucks, your Physical Pains, your Emotional Hickups, your struggling Circumstances, Soul-Aches, Energetic Disbalance, or your Spirits Yearnings.

It’s all related

It’s all telling your something

It’s all You on your Growth Edge


Burnout - boreout

1 out of 7 people currently suffer from Burnout symptoms. But no pills are able to prevent or heal that. It is a big problem, showing us we’re doing something wrong here. Collectively. And I think deep down you know that too. We treat our globe as we treat ourselves. We depleat it. Do you want to Re-Cover? Or do you want to Dis-Cover?

Burnout can be a Gift. If you know how to unwrap it. To dis-cover the gems hidden inside of it. To take with you for the rest of your life. Let your Burnout be your wake up call, your ally, to get you on your track. Your sustainable track. Because that is what a Burnout is. Showing you your blindspots and your potential. Wether you feel you’re just heading in the burnout direction and want to prevent from sinking in further, or you are in the midst of it, get in touch to discover more on the Burnout- Burnin’ Package.

Experiencing it is the best proof. Read what my clients say.


‘I don’t want somebody to listen to what I say, I need someone who listens to what I don’t say…’ 

When we go through difficult times, we can talk to family or friends to share what is bothering us, or to relief what’s on our chest. But sometimes we discover that there is nobody there to really listen… between the lines. Sometimes we need somebody to listen to what is not being said. Feel what is not being expressed. And see from a perspective that is not yet conscious.  

Experiencing it is the best proof. Read what my clients say.


Does your body feel exhausted? Drained? Lifeless? Or more like Full? Tensed?

Both can be expressions of contained charge and a not optimal flow of Life Energy. An Energetic Massage awakens and activates the connection with your body by releasing energetic charge and tension. A deep sense of peace and relaxation can be experienced, which enables a deep connection with the body, through which life energy can now flow again.

Experiencing it is the best proof. Read what my clients say.

Amanae-Trauma Release


You experience deeper layers hidden within yourself, holding you back, but you can’t seem to get through them on your own? Or any of the  modalities you’ve tried?

They tell you you have difficulty with any (or all) emotions? But you can’t seem to get in touch with them?

You long for a deeper connection with your body and being present in the moment?

Amanae is deep Transformational Emotional  Bodywork, and might be exactly what you’re looking for. Not for the faint of heart. But definitely your friend if you’re ready to feel alive!

In our lives we tend to collect experiences and beliefs in our system, that later in life start to block us. However, usually we only see the symptoms (stagnation in the body, addictions, trouble connecting to self, others, the body or the present moment, repeating patterns etc.) and we don’t see the real source of these experessions.

In Amanae we work deeply with your physical body, together with your conscious awareness and your breath. This enables you to connect and release deeply hidden blocks, which you aren’t able to release on your own. The experiences can vary from expanding enlightning experiences,  to deep intense emotional and physical releases. And anything in between. With big effortless chances in daily life as an effect. Where the source is changed, effects will change along by itself and effortlessly.

Experiencing it is the best proof. Read what my clients say.

High sensitivity

1 out of 5 people live in a Highly Sensitive Body. Me included. This means our body is more sensitive than the other 80% of the population. But a lot of us are unaware that we are wired slightly different. It took me half a lifetime to fully realise that. Because being more sensitive, doesn’t mean being more boring or fragile. You might be very active, empathic, sociable and enthusiastic as a person.

But if you’re unaware, you might end up burning your system out. Instead of using it’s Inner Compass you’re so powerfully wired with.

So how would you know? And what are the benefits and talents of such a more sensitive system? Conscious Sensitivity is exactly the skill that we need more people to consciously use for their own good and others. With a sensitive bodily system, you have an Inner Compass to your availability that helps you to be exactly where you need to be, to be who you came here to be, and do what you came here to do. If you would only know how to read You…

Get in touch to discover more on High Sensitivity Coaching

Experiencing it is the best proof. Read what my clients say.

Soul Reading

Do you have a question about a specific subject happening in your Life? Or about yourself?

In a Soul Reading I connect with your Higher Self (Soul, Higher Knowing, your Chakra’s and your Aura) to see what it is telling you about You. From a perspective that is yet unconscious to you. Where is your Soul guiding you towards? What are these circumstances bringing you? What are the opportunities for you in this? How can you navigate this time or situation in your life?

It’s like the subtitles to what seems chaos to you now. 

Experiencing it is the best proof. Read what my clients say.

Energetic & Shamanic Healing

Everything is Energy. Every manifestation first sprouts in the field of energy before it becomes matter, a feeling or even a thought. In my healings we’ll work on a deep and profound level in your energetic field and the bleuprint of your system. We will release blockages on a deep level, and you will grow more and more grounded in yourself. Able to express and thrive more effortlessly.

The healing practices originate from the Tibetan Monasteries,  Aboriginal heritage, Channeled Pleiadic practices and Angelic intuition.

Just lay back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Experiencing it is the best proof. Read what my clients say.

Contact Release - Me

Teach me how to Feel. Teach me to experience Peace. Teach me to Enjoy. Teach me to connect with my own Blockages. Teach me to Heal myself. Teach me to Be Me…

In Contact Release – Me the focus lies in learning to Contact Release for yourself.  Together we discover the adventure of the wisdom of your Being, your Body, Your Emotions, your Energy, your Soul. Experience and allow what your System shows you. On an adventure in the depths and expansions your own system has in store for you. To experience that you yourself are your biggest Healer. Your Compass. 

Experiencing it is the best proof. Read what my clients say.

Contact Release Cocktail (Highly Recommended)

In a Contact Release Session you will get the best of all worlds. Together we will listen to the Wisdom of your Body & your Soul and give you exactly what you need at that very moment… as your system is telling. In these sessions I integrate all of the tools in my toolbox to help you on your path. Hence the ‘Contact Release Cocktail’. Contact Release Sessions work very good in packages of multiple sessions so your whole system wil get an upgrade on all levels. What a Treat!

 Experiencing it is the best proof. Read what my clients say.


“Quirine is always willing to give me subtitles for what’s happening in my life or a session! That SO calms my mind!”


Profiel aan water kant canva bewerkt

Contact Release

Referring to the Essence of all Healing: Whatever you make Contact with will Release. If you let it.

In my 20 years of experience in the field of personal growth, transformation & healing  I’ve explored endless modalities, practices and expertises

And made a lot of them my own.

In working with my clients, I’ve come to integrate the best of these practices, the commonalities, and where they complement eachother.

Into what I’ve come to call “Contact Release”.

Integrating Mind, Body, Energy, Emotions, Circumstances, Heart and Soul.

‘Suffering arises

from conflict..

Conflict arises

from resisting what is..

By giving up resistance

conflict will disappear,

and peace & flow will return…’

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What a Session will look like

What a session will look like depends on what we sense your system is asking for at the very moment. Sometimes we might adress what’s up through talking, sometimes emotional coaching, sometimes I will ask you to lay down on the massage table. You might get a gentle, or a deep physical massage,  an energetic healing, or a Soul reading. We’ll listen to your system, because it knows best what it is you need.

My intuitive skills allow me to feel what you feel, and hear what your subconscious is yearning to show you.

Together we will allow your system to express itself, release what is no longer needed, understand what it is telling you, and reconnect you to your Life Energy  & your Inner Compass.

Depending on what you come to adress we’ll decide on the amount of sessions.

Massage Lady

Here’s my Toolbox & Expertise I use: 


Psychology, drs, Msc.

Silva Mind Control I,II

Conscious Therapist I,II

Feminine Power Transformational Coaching, Facilitation&Leadership


Medical School, undergrad

Transformational Massage I,II

Transformational Yoga Teacher

Amanae Trauma Work I,I


Energetic Reading I-V

Energetic Clearing I,II

Rigpa Energetic Healing I,II,III

Dharma Shamanic Healing

Life Experienc 🙂



HSP- HSS (Highly Sensitive, High Sensation Seeking)

Becoming, Being and Losing a Mother

Carreer change


Practical Information & Costs

book a session!

Have we never worked together? Please book an introduction session! Looking forward to meet you!*

After that, you can book a single session every now and then. Whenever it suits you.


* If you feel it’s time this coming period to give yourself the frequent  committed attention you deserve?

You’re ready to make a deep-dive  in that part that keeps you stuck, to get into flow again?

* You’re just really ready to invite a deeper connection to what you’re here for?

Book a package of sessions! 

To be sure we can really walk together on your subject the coming time. Claiming you spots & of course it get’s you a better price too!


The duration of all different sessions as mentioned above is 2 hours per session and have the same pricing

1 introductory session : €150,-

1 single session (2 uur): €180,-

3 session-package (6 uur): €540,- € 500,-

6 session-package (12 uur): €1080,- €900,-

12 session-package (24 uur): €2160,- €1900,-


Are your working for a corporate organisation? Often times there is a budget for coaching and personal development. Click on this link to find a special page with information for corporates.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation up untill 72 hours before a session: Free of charge

Cancellation up untill 24 hours before a session: 50% will be charged.

Cancellation less than 24 hours before the start of a session or no-show: 100% will be charged.


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Any questions or wanna get in touch first? Please send me a message! 


Stuurmankade 200

1019 WC Amsterdam

The Netherlands




+00 31 6 26140987


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To Be who You came here to Be

To Do what You came here to Do

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