Corona & the Vaccine: Navigating the Potential

Help You to Find Clarity on Your Perspective

Navigating Corona & Vaccine Times

Corona as well as the Vaccine trigger a lot of emotions and doubts in a lot of people.

But how to know what is real, what feeling to listen to, or what doubt to believe.

What is Real?

What facts to believe is in this time the big challenge. A time in which scientific facts are even up for the label  ‘believable’ or not. In which our sources of information are unreliable, fake news and truthful facts are hard do distinguish.

What I see in this, is the, to me joyful, invitation for us to learn to find our truth inside of us. To learn to listen to what our system, or bodily wisdom, our gut, our cognition, our common sense and our higher knowing is telling is.


We are called back to ourselves, and our ability to know, see and feel, from another place then just the outside world and outside sources bringing us ‘the Truth’.


For right now. What is Truth? Does there exist such thing? Or is even truth a personal thing?


Well before we get even more philosophical here. Let’s make it more concrete:

It’s time to find our way back

to our Inner Compass

Is what I feel a personal emotion, something old in me, something I have experienced in my life, that is now coming to the surface again, being triggered by the current situation?


Am i picking up on old charge in the collective field that is up for release?

Like old unprocessed war trauma (triggering the association from the Yellow David Star (Jew star) by the plan for a Yellow Vaccination Booklet in your chest pocket),

old charge on women’s suppression (triggering the association from being suppressed  and men having a say in what they want to do to women’s bodies, by the implicit pressure to vaccinate),

old charge on being silenced (triggering old witch wounds of burning stakes, by the polarising discussions on for or against vaccination, or stories of censored scientist and opinions)

or anything I can not see yet, hiding under te veil, coming up to show itself instead of playing unconsciously a role in how we respond in life.


Is it my intuition speaking? My Higher Knowing, sensing in the field, that for some reason, it is, for me, at this very moment, not (or so) the right thing to do?



I don’t know!! What a mess? How am I supposed to get some clarity?


I understand!

I had the same thing.

So here I share with you what helped me,

to see more clearly.

And heal what is blurring.

For the sake of Yourself and Healing for the Higher Good of All.

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In this video I share with you the constellation on the Covid vaccination and the time we’re in, and heading for.

I did this with my dauhters Lego. Let’s keep it fun & playful, right? 🙂 

Reflection Questions:


1. What have been your biggest insights from this constellation? 

2. What are your biggest triggers around the vaccination? 

(How do I know something is a trigger? If you feel emotionally activated, you can be sure it is a trigger.  Wether it is fear, anger, frustration, grief, shame, guilt…)

3. What skills, tools or resources do you have to work with and heal your own triggers or trauma’s?

Which ever you have, honor your inner self by taking time use them heal the triggers that are blurring your clear vision.

NB. If you feel you are not well equipped to be able to release and heal in the way you would want, click here, or scroll down to learn more on how I can help you with that.*


False or Truthful Knowing

The hardest thing is to distinguish wether we know something from a deeper place of knowing, or it comes from an unconscious fear or other trigger.

One could say, our natural state is to see clearly. Unless something is blurring.

So to see clearly, let’s release the blur.

The blur being the triggered unconscious programmings, triggers, trauma’s or fears.

So, to check from which place our presumed ‘knowing’ comes, here is the check question:


Do I come from Love or from Fear?


When I think about my perspective on the vaccination, do I feel contraction?

Or Relaxedness, Flow? 


– When I tap into the sensing of my bodily system and discover contraction, that is a sign I can do a bit more healing and clearing on my tiggers. Because there is some blurr playing a role here, making me, with my contraction, add to the creation of something I DON’T want. 


– When I feel a sense of peace and joy, when connnecting to my persepctive on the vaccine, I’m probably good.

I will be adding to the healthy & healing frequency potential of the vaccine, and will be adding to the evolving of a positive timeline of, let’s say Love & FreedomEven while I am not quite sure what that would look like. I do know that these are ingredients I wish for us to have, in whatever shape or form.

I am contributing to that timeline, of Love & Freedom.

By doing my work in myself.*

And giving my attention to exactly that what I DO wish for.

And heal and release* anything in me that is, with contraction, adding to something I DON’T want.


With this using the Magnetic Potential of Desire, to create a World we Wish for Ourselves, our Children and future generations to come. 


*Would you like to learn more on how to heal and release old triggers & trauma’s,

for the better good of You and the Collective?

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