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Quirine Vosmaer

To Be who You came here to Be

To Do what You came here to Do

Quirine Vosmaer


Because you’re not just a Thinking Head,

but also a Feeling Body and Knowing Intuition. 

Because you want to feel your  Heart & Soul.

Because you want your Blockages to Heal.

Because you want your Life Energy to Flow.

Because you want to Experience You!

exhausted woman in bed

Do you feel Exhausted? Stuck?

  Lost? Burnout?

burnout woman

But You long sooooo much for a feeling of Joy, Flow


a sense of being on Purpose..?

Quirine Vosmaer

It’s Time to Pause.


To Your Soul.

and Reconnect to Your Inner Compass


 Who is Driving Your Bus? (2:22 min)

I was connected

to everybody’s needs, desires & signals

… everybody’s but my own…

… burning out was my Wake-up Call,

my tough teacher,

my ally…

Profiel aan water kant canva bewerkt

Let’s go there together!

Sometimes you’re looking for some help, somebody to look at what’s up for you alongside with you, to give you exactly what you need, at exactly the right time, even though you yourself might not have a clue what that could be.

I know how you feel. I’ve been there. And so have a lot of my clients.  

Check out how I can help you to start to listen to all the ways your Soul is talking to you. Through your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your circumstances, your energetic field, your Spirit. And help you get

your Life Energy Flowing again.

Because you ‘un-stucked’ what got you stuck, have seen what is more true to you, and understand how to navigate through Life. Inspired, with Joy, Curiosity, Love and

on Purpose.


Quirine Vosmaer

To Feel, To Heal, To Allow

To Bring All that You are to the Stage

All You came Here to Be

Your Shadow & Your Light

To Understand, To Use & To Be

For You & For the Better Good of All…

Love to Meet You

 Contact Release

WhatsApp Image 2020 04 09 foto Anne Dokter Volle Maan
This awesome picture of the Super Full Moon on April 9th 2020 is made by my beautiful photographer friend Anne Dokter |

Reconnecting to Your Inner Compass

Let’s get in touch with

Your Body, your Mind

Your Heart, your Soul

Your Emotions, your Circumstances

Your Energy, your Spirit

Let’s make Contact and Release whatever is keeping you stuck.

And listen what your whole system is telling you.

Where, through your Stuckness,

your Inner Compass is directing you.

So you can Enjoy your Life Energy Flowing

& Feel on Purpose again!

Click here to find out more about Contact Release and other 1-on-1 Sessions.

Or send me a message to get in touch and find out what the best fit would be for you.

Love to meet You!

 “I was exhausted. Even though I thought I had recovered well from my burnout 3 years before. There I was again. I felt SO weak. I didn’t want to admit it. But you saw me. And teached me to see myself again too. To stop judging. But look through the eyes of Love. Because that is what you did. Do. You helped me to find myself back again, in the midst of chaos!”Susanna, CEO talent management organisation, Amsterdam

“After a session with Quirine it felt as if the windows of my Soul were cleaned and I could see everything clear and light again, without any noise or other blockages. All had fallen into place and I felt peaceful. It exceeded by far my expectations!!”

Claartje, senior complex psychosocial therapy practitioner, Amsterdam

“I live much more in touch with myself and the bigger field of life and my purpose. For me you are an angel, a guide, taking me by the hand directing me to 5D consciousness. Which is about trust, love, oneness, abundance and for sure feminine magic and power!”Els, partner recruitment & talent management organisation, Amsterdam

To Be who You came here to Be

To Do what You came here to Do

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