Wake Up The Witches!

In October we’ll start a new round of the online group program
We’ll dive deep into the material of ‘Sleeping Beauty or Awakened Witch?’ together,
and go much, much deeper to activate our Natural Joy, Power and Purpose.
Healing Old WitchWounds relating to these topics (and more).
Unlocking our Magical Powers of Creation & Transformation,
Discovering the Deep Potential & Blessing of Connection
Learn to dance the Dance of our Inner Masculine and our Inner Feminine.
All to make the Experience of Ourselves and Life more Natural, Effortless, Enjoyable & Magical!

“The program has brought a whole new way of navigating through life, it shows what a gift and joy it is to be a woman, how magical and sustained life can be if it is fully aligned to your inner source. And it was so joyful, juicy, energizing and healing to experience the program in a group of encouraging women. I have learned so much from their experiences, insights and wisdom. I am truly amazed by all the gifts that I have received from the program – it is life changing.”

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Sleeping Beauty or Awakened Witch?
Are You a Sleeping Beauty or an Awakened Witch?
In other words:
Are You Aware of Your Magic?

Do you want more like this and dive deeper? Then consider joining our Wake Up the Witches program that starts in October.

  • 4 Month program
  • Group healings
  • Deep Sisterhood
  • Healing your WitchWound
  • Pumped up Magic
  • Deep Understanding of Creation
  • Dance of Your Inner Masculine & Feminine
  • Deepened Pleasure, Desire & Receiving skills
  • Activated Power, Boundaries and Discernment in False or True Desires

Price €2222,-
Early Bird Price €1500,- (till 1 sept)

“This course gave me the confidence and courage to turn my magic all the way (the fuck) on!!!